Thursday, September 23, 2004

Dr is helping paedophile

It would appear that the notorious paedophile, Tom O'Carroll is using a friendly doctors address as a mail drop so that paedophiles can comunicate with each other.

His friend is called Dr DP Bremner and his address is:

C/O 196a Upper Clapton Road
E5 9DH

I have in my possesion a letter from O'Carroll which uses the above address even though at the time he was living in Leamington Spa.

Anyone fancy doorstepping Dr Bremner to find out why he is helping paedophiles? Does anyone know what type of Dr he is?

Rev Michael Hill

I understand that the Catholic church are desperately fighting an action brought by one of the victims of the paedophile ex-priest, Michael Hill. I also understand that they are looking to settle out of court rather than risking Hill giving evidence.

In January of this year Hill was visited in Wandsworth prison by the church's insurance company in order to take a statement from him in relation to the allegation.

The allegation is basically that he got a 14 year old girl pregnant, delivered the baby and then killed the child. Whilst Hill denied any involvement, my contact in the prison informs me that he has admitted killing the baby. It is apparently playing on his conscience.

If anyone can tell me which company insures the Catholic church in the United Kingdom, I will make further enquiries.